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Approved the electronic form “Virtual petition for alimony”

The Executive Council of the Judiciary  approved the electronic form “Virtual petition for alimony”, which will allow the speed in this type of process and that the user carries out the procedure via the web, without the need to go to the headquarters jurisdictional.

It is an electronic form with the web address previously determined, through which users can make the entry of alimony in real time to the table from the respective court.

For compliance throughout the country, the judiciary has the General Management of the Judiciary to perform all necessary actions for proper implementation in the 34 courts of justice of the country.

The measure also forms part of the norms approved, in the last two years, by the Judiciary in favor of people in vulnerable situations, such as children, teenagers and older adults. For this reason, not only is the demand form for the increase of food pensions provided for minors, but also for persons of legal age.

The alimony processes in the country are intended for beneficiaries to obtain the essentials to cover their basic needs such as food, health, housing and education.

The Judicial Branch also authorized to advance with the strengthening of the courtrooms and videoconferences in the sub-courts of the courts of justice throughout the country, in order to strengthen the current procedural reform. Thus, this will involve the renewal of computer equipment that is in critical condition, with the aim of providing the best technical conditions for the development of the work of judges and jurisdictional personnel, according to the R.A. No. 080-2020-CE-PJ.

(Source: El Peruano)

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