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Emergency Decree No. 020-2019 published December 5 2019

Emergency Decree No. 020-2019 published  December 5 2019 in El Peruano establishes the obligation of submitting the affidavit of interest in the public sector

Starting today it is mandatory the presentation of the affidavit of interest by civil servants who perform public function regardless of the labor regime or work agreement in which they are included in public administration entities, including state companies or mixed economy societies whether or not included in the state's business activity and the funds constituted totally or partially with resources public, whether public or private law. The Affidavit of Interest is a public document whose presentation constitutes an indispensable requirement for the exercise of position or public function. The presentation of the Affidavit of Interest Its purpose is to transparent relevant information of the obliged subjects, for the detection and prevention of conflicts of interest, as an indispensable requirement for the exercise of public office or function. Arbitrators who participate in arbitrations that involve the State, are obliged to present this affidavit

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