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The holidays of the Judicial Year 2020 will begin on February 1 for all magistrates and auxiliary personnel with a required work record. Therefore, the Executive Council of the Judiciary (CEPJ) adopted the actions to ensure the functioning of the emergency jurisdictional bodies that must know and process processes under their charge, appointed by the presidents of the courts of the country.

These will deal with criminal matters such as habeas corpus, qualification with detainees, procedures for freedoms, appeal for arrest warrants, processing of processes with inmates in jail, homonyms and rehabilitations.

Also, in civil matters; labor; family with food allowances, travel authorizations for minors, violence against women and family members, guardianship of abandoned children; among other urgent demands; as well as all the requests that the magistrates consider urgent, in accordance with their powers in the contentious-administrative, constitutional and pension matters.

The judiciary, in this way, will comply with R. A. No. 453-2019-CEPJ.


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