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INDECOPI facilitates the renewal of the electronic DNI.

The Commission for the Management of the Official Infrastructure of Electronic Signature (IOFE) of Indecopi approved the elimination of the physical appearance (presence) as a requirement for the renewal of the electronic DNI issued by the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (Reniec) for the general citizenship.

In this way, Indecopi provides citizens with access to the necessary computer instruments to process remotely those commercial, administrative and banking operations in which it is necessary to guarantee the link between the person, the electronic document and its patrimonial content.  

Reniec, for its part, will implement a platform on the Internet through which citizens can obtain the renewal of digital certificates on their electronic DNIs.   In this way, exercising their respective powers in the Official Electronic Signature Infrastructure, both institutions promote compliance with the mandatory social isolation measures with which the country fights the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.(Source INDECOPI)

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