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The new law for domestic workers was published today, October 1, by the official newspaper El Peruano. As recalled, President Martín Vizcarra announced this rule in his last press conference located in the Government Palace.

"Today I am pleased to approve the domestic workers law, a norm approved by the current Congress that represents the constant struggle of many years on the part of women who have been doing housework without being given due recognition," he said. Martín Vizcarra.

The employer must make a work contract that is made in writing, in duplicate and is registered in the web application approved by the Ministry of Labor within a maximum of three business days after it is done. Specify that this employment is presumed to be for an indefinite period, unless there is evidence to the contrary.

A very important point is that the employer must reach the age of majority (18) to exercise such trade.

Within the written contract, the following should be included:

• The names and surnames, age, sex, marital status, profession or trade of the employer and worker.

• The specification of the domestic work hired and the place or places of its provision; as well as the antecedents of the total period worked prior to its celebration, in writing.

• The description of the conditions for the delivery of food, uniform or accommodation when appropriate.

• The start date of the contract and the form of provision of the work.

• The amount, opportunity and means of payment of the remuneration, and other concepts.

• The working day and hours.

• The day agreed as weekly rest.

• The precision on facilities to access compulsory basic education or higher education, technical or professional training, as appropriate.

• Benefits granted by social security such as health, economic and social benefits.

The amount stipulated by the norm of the home employer should not be less than S / 930. As the law reads, the conditions will be established by free agreement of the parties, but may not exceed a full eight-hour day.

Breaks or vacations

The law indicates that domestic workers are entitled to an annual paid leave of 30 calendar days after a continuous year of services.

Like any worker, they will be entitled to a bonus for National Holidays and Christmas, equivalent to the total amount of the monthly salary. In addition, it is indicated that these workers are entitled to compensation for time of service (CTS).

Source Law No. 31047

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