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The National Superintendency of Public Registries - Sunarp  has implemented the electronic filing of notarial parts, certified copies or instruments with digital signature for the constitution of a civil society, limited liability civil society, collective society, limited partnership by shares or simple limited partnership in the Registry of Legal Entities through the Digital Intermediation System (SID-Sunarp), allowing all types of companies to be constituted through that channel.

Through resolution 098-2020-SUNARP-SN, it is also possible to submit electronically documents with notarial intervention of the following acts: division, merger, transformation, branch, dissolution, liquidation and extinction of companies, as well as the constitution of committees, foundations and cooperatives.

Until a few months ago, the SID-Sunarp only allowed to process the constitution of Limited Liability Companies and Commercial Companies, the types of companies most used in Peru. Now with this new incorporation, it is possible to manage all the procedures for the constitution of any kind of company in the Registry of Legal Persons.

SID-Sunarp constitutes an alternative means to the presentation of titles on paper for registration. In addition, it allows you to perform registration procedures without going to a Sunarp office or filling out physical forms.

(Source: GESTION)


Sunarp ordered the resumption of face-to-face assistance for the issuance of the cadastral search certificate, both at the Rebagliati headquarters and at the Cañete registry office. Said attention will also include the reading of titles in process by viewing them at the Rebagliati headquarters, extranet cashier service and issuing duplicates of registration and / or advertising requests, in order to facilitate the processing of registration procedures in the premises before cited.

From this Thursday 9, likewise, the real estate registry certificate service (CRI) will resume, which must be requested only through the Online Registry Advertising Service (SPRL).

This document, likewise, may be sent to the address indicated by the user at the time of generating the request or, if applicable, collect it at the Rebagliati headquarters, the institution specified.

The CRI is a certificate that contains the name of the current owner of the property and of the previous ones up to 10 years ago, liens and charges 30 years old, among others.

(Source: El Peruano)

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